Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Add More Protection to the Protect Bill! - March 12, 2014

My Comment on Venture Beat's blog, March 12, 2014: We Need to Return to Delivering Health Information, Anne Wojcicki

"The Protect Bill also needs... respect for biocompatibility and impact of toxins like mercury off-gassing from dental amalgam.  

Dental amalgam is scientifically and clinically proven to harm genetically susceptible children and adults who have gene types that do not clear mercury well. At least a half dozen gene glitches have been identified impair methylation (important to nerves) and detoxification (important to toxins) pathways. 

There are impacts for many of us as we age with these glitches, as our protective hormones and immune systems weaken.  The largest of these affects 20%+ of the population, 63M people.  In addition, 67M people have enough amalgams to exceed the FDA's "safe" reference dose, which doesn't take into account gene type. 

There are impacts for boys with CPOX4 from amalgam immediately - changes in kidney markers and neurobehavioral deficits.  James S. Woods, lead researcher of the initial CAT study of dental amalgam in children, retracted his findings of amalgam safety from the Children's Amalgam Trial in Portugal twice, in 2012 and 2013. Google to find the articles which the media ignored.

Animal studies show immediate distribution of mercury from installation of dental amalgam to the brains, kidneys and livers of sheep and monkeys.

The Net, Google, social media, courageous doctors, biologic dentists, scientists, Health IT, new tests, engaged people and parents and patients, and 23andMe helped save my health, my life, my family, my finances and my future after 20 years of chronic disease, and a year of serious, escalating health problems.

The FDA protects dated, dangerous products and industries over people and health. Protectionism is bad in the economy.  It is even worse in health, where the consequences are deadly, and incredibly costly to families, employers, health plans, and governments.   

The IAOMT sued the FDA March 5th for not responding to a petition for reconsideration of its flawed 2009 Class II ruling for amalgam after 54 months.  The Administration has not yet agreed to a request for a Surgeon General Report on Dental Amalgam and Mercury Health Risks.  Congress has not yet shown interest or leadership on this issue since its shining lights retired.

23andMe'ers, this is our time. Promote use and understanding of genetic information, and end genetic discrimination in medical and dental care.  Many of us require labels and protection from synergistic toxins like dental mercury which are ubiquitous and federally sanctioned, not labeled nor disclosed to us as patients or parents, and for which we do not get the basic human and medical right of written informed consent."

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