Saturday, November 19, 2016

Celinda Lake: Why Dems Lost, Reps Won: #LayoftheLand - 2016 Elections - Big Picture, and a Word on Health

Why Dems Lost, Reps Won: Lay of the Land

#LayoftheLand: Election Highlights by Pollster Celinda Lake - Twitter Moment
Today our annual breakfast discussion featured of Lake Research Partners, who taked about the upcoming year in health policy.
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by Families come first Community is strength
What hath voters wrought? America wants change, and security. Women want control. #2016
Good turnout for Community Catalyst by on
Upshot of by Won urban areas, lost turnout. Millions fewer Dem voters.
, costs big concern, more than . , popular.
Excellent Q&A at Community Catalyst Event w/ . Economists, pollsters wrong.
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Rob Restuccia gives awards to HHS Angela Botticella & Bess Evans at Breakfast
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Americans want Change, & Security. Women want Control.
Twitter Moment