Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hidden River Health Challenge's Origins

Photo: Lake Massapoag in Sharon, MA

There is a dark cloud the color of mercury in the sky, reflecting the hidden river of mercury in our teeth, our bodies, our brains, our children, and our legacy to the planet and future generations.

The lifeguard stand has been absent throughout the long year of acute mercury amalgam toxicity illness, and during 20 years of chronic disease that onset soon after I stopped breastfeeding my son and had deferred dental work that drilled out and replaced cracked amalgam fillings - a connection I just recently realized. 

With a dentist using only a dental dam which does not protect us from its toxic vapor, and the genetic susceptibility I later learned I had to mercury toxicity (I do not clear it well and it builds up over time), the die was cast as darkly as the sky.

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