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From Silent Spring to Hidden River: Guest Post on Independent Minds Blog - May 21, 2012

2012 MAY 21

by Rick Holmes
A guest post by Laura Henze Russell:
Fifty years ago, Rachel Carson ignited the environmental movement by
publishing, Silent Spring. Highlighting the impact of pesticides in
damaging birds’ reproductive cycles, Silent Spring sounded a trumpeter
swan’s call to remove species-killing substances from the environment.
Earth Day was organized in communities across the nation, the EPA
created, and the Clean Air, Clean Water and Toxic Substance Control Act
Fast forward fifty years. Countless new chemicals and  bioengineered
substances have been developed. Laws have not kept pace with rapidly
advancing technology that has gone beyond our wildest imaginations. New
processes like fracking for natural gas are harming the air, water
supply and food chain in new ways. Old poisons like mercury persist in
being put permanently into people’s mouths, and get a free pass by being
labelled a ‘medical device’ in silver-colored amalgam fillings. Flame
retardants are showing up in alarming levels in young children’s blood
Our immune systems and neurological systems are under constant assault.
When they give way, we become increasingly sensitive, and increasingly
sick. Babies, children, adults, boomers and older adults are all at risk
across the age spectrum, these are equal opportunity toxins.
It is time to shine a bright, penetrating light on the Hidden River of
chemicals, biologicals, bioengineered nanosubstances and toxic metals
and elements running through us. Pass the Safe Chemicals Act, ban dental
mercury amalgam use, and get up to speed on bioengineering risks before
we bet and buy the farm. Not only will we bankrupt the health care
system, we will have a very silent planet.
Laura Henze Russell is part of the MA delegation, Alliance for a Healthy
Tomorrow, attending the Safer Chemicals Healthy Families Rally in
Washington DC on May 22nd.

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