Tuesday, May 27, 2014

RACHEL LOUISE CARSON: Google lets fly a Doodle true to ‘Silent Spring’ writer’s nature - May 27, 2014

My Comment on Today's 
Washington Post Article on Rachel Carson's Google Doodle

We have many scourges we have unleashed upon ourselves. We need to pick up the mantle and continue fighting not just the silent spring from pesticides, but the rising tide of chronic cognitive, immune, neurological and psychiatric diseases caused by the hidden river of toxins within us. 

The greatest scourges of our time, stealthily ravaging our bodies and minds, are mercury, mold and Lyme. They are not significantly recognized, they are not sufficiently considered and screened and tested for, and when found, they are not properly treated by the vast majority of physicians. 

Please read and share the Issue Paper: For Good Health, Integrated Care, and Making Chronic Diseases History, posted on www.hiddenriverhealthchallenge.blogspot.com. It addresses the first scourge.  

Rachel Carson was, and is my inspiration, and my muse. I organized a 1970 Earth Day cleanup in my high school, founded a local environmental organization, set up a school-based recycling center, and collected pictures for the first Dirty Dozen Campaign while a college intern at Environmental Action. 

Now we need to organize a People Day. Hidden River Health Challenge is gearing up to launch a Fishing Expedition to land the worst offenders, and celebrate the champions, of ending the scourge of dental mercury installed without our knowledge or informed written consent. Think about that. No labels No informed written consent. For a medical device. Containing a known neurotoxin. That off-gases mercury vapor with heat and abrasion, in teeth made to chew. Genetically susceptible children and adults experience great harm. It is not on our radar screen. 

The media is silent. The FDA was sued March 5th by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology and others, and no mainstream media covered the release. Congress is silent. The Obama Administration is silent. Apparently the media and politicians are even more sensitive to toxins - the ones called money, lobbying, and spin.

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