Saturday, May 3, 2014

Deborah Sampson vs. Goliath: Will Sharon Make History as First Town to Call for Surgeon General Report on Mercury Health Risks?

Article 24 is expected to come up on the second night, Tuesday May 6th, at Town Meeting at the Sharon High School Auditorium. Non-residents must request permission in advance to attend Town Meeting.
Sharon resident Laura Henze Russell filed Article 24 to raise awareness, and begin to change official government policy on dental amalgam, which is still in unrestricted use in the United States. Four Scandinavian nations and Japan ban amalgam. Canada and much of Europe have warnings and consent.

Russell is acting in the spirit of Deborah Sampson, a patriot who fought against all odds for her beliefs and for the rights of others. She is acting in the tradition of promoting an environment free of toxins for health and wellness, and lessening the burden and impact of chronic diseases. She is acting as a witness to her personal experience of illness and recovery, that of others she has met with similar experiences, and her belief, faith and knowledge from two years of in-depth research.
Russell was an ocean lifeguard in her youth. In her late 30s Russell developed fibromyalgia that restricted her physical activities. In her 40s she was treated for breast cancer and developed osteopenia that contributed to fractures of her foot, wrist and elbow. In her late 50s she developed escalating problems that specialists at leading Boston hospitals were unable to diagnose, and had to stop working.
Finally diagnosed and treated for mercury toxicity, she learned she has some common genetic glitches that increase susceptibility to heavy metals and toxins, and impact immunity. Large amalgams were drilled out with only a dental dam (inadequate protect from inhaled vapor) after she stopped breastfeeding, right before she developed fibromyalgia. Russell has experienced a remarkable recovery, and resolved to help others avoid her fate.  
James S Woods et al have published three peer reviewed studies retracting their prior findings of amalgam safety in the Children’s Amalgam Trial, finding neurobehavioral deficits in boys with certain gene types. Many studies show associations between amalgam and chronic diseases. Three dental associations – International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, International Association of Biologic Dentistry and Medicine, and Holistic Dental - are opposed to its use as mercury vapor off-gasses with heath and abrasion, harming genetically susceptible patients, dentists and staff.  They provide training in safer removal.
The FDA has a logjam on amalgam. We do not get labels, we do not get information, we do not have the basic human and medical right of informed written consent for a medical device that has a potent neurotoxin. Unlike the AMA, the ADA is also a commercial and trade association, with 83 patents in the 38 years in which the US Patent Office has fully digitized records. The ADA’s last patents on dental amalgam were filed in the mid 1970s and expired in the mid 1990s. 
During the last 12 years, the only new patents granted on dental amalgam are to help mitigate its impacts on the environment, through better wastewater separators, and for encapsulation in corpses prior to cremation to minimize release of toxic mercury vapor from crematoria, which are exempt from strict pollution controls.
Russell has provided extensive information the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Executive Office of Human Services, and the Division of Insurance which regulates dental insurance, but they can take no action as long as the FDA says it is safe. The IAOMT sued FDA March 5th for failing to respond to a petition to reconsider its Class II ruling with numerous errors in its risk assessment. States are permitted to require labels and give information for patients, as in CA, CT, ME and NH.
Rep. Kafka and Sen. Joyce filed bills on amalgam; they were sent to study. Russell shared extensive information with Rep. Kennedy, Sen. Warren and Sen. Markey. Rep. Kennedy and Sen. Markey are not on the right committees to lead. Sen. Warren's staff said they will need to see a large coalition before taking action. This is a step to raise awareness and help build momentum.
Russell founded Hidden River Health Challenge: A Social Innovation Enterprise, to help people learn about genes and toxins, and the importance of our own health information, share what we learn, and take action to help ourselves and others. Hidden River is forming a Coalition for Good Health, co-sponsored by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology.  For information, contact Laura Henze Russell, 

Filed by Laura Henze Russell, here is Article 24: "To see if the Town will request that the Sharon Board of Selectmen write to President Obama asking him to instruct the Surgeon General of the United States to prepare a report on Dental Amalgam and Health Risks; or take any other action relative thereto." 

The Board of Selectmen voted 2-0-0 against approval. THE FINANCE COMMITTEE VOTED 8-0-1 AGAINST APPROVAL."

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