Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Genome, Toxome, Deviceome: Ultimate Selfies for Health

My comment on the CDC Blog Post, The Ultimate Selfie.

The CDC cautions against overreliance on the genome and the dangers of the "narcissome."  Instead, it should accelerate equal attention to the toxome, the exposome, the dentalome, the deviceome.
Among the early adopters of genomics are those whom mainstream top line medicine failed for years, who got sick and tired of living with inexplicable chronic diseases, and doing the best they could with "medication management" and "chronic disease management." They are discovering new learning, medical practitioners, avenues and approaches to explore, and groups to seek out peers and share experiences, initially in person and increasingly online.
We learn that looking at both sides of the equation, genetics and toxicology together, are the keys to chronic diseases, and that one can remediate bad combinations and restore healthy functioning of the body and brain.  We learn that functional medicine physicians can be more helpful than specialists for various conditions because they see they body as a whole, an integrated symphony and set of systems.  We learn that the lack of attention to biocompatibility in the human body is a  gaping whole in medical practice and regulation of installed devices, as is lack of an integrated approach to body, brain, dental and mental health.
We are working to update regulations that are nearly 50 years out of date in which patients get no labels, no written informed consent, no prior biocompatibility screening for the individual before installation of permanent medical and dental devices (while it is recommended for temporary hair color products), no entry and updating of information on our installed devices such as we get for prescription drugs and OTCs at every doctor visit.
There is a Rosetta Stone of sorts, it is to follow basic engineering principles in the body. If genetic glitches impacts one's ability to methylate and clear everyday toxins, we must be vigilant in screening them and clearing them for health. These can be biotoxins like Lyme throughout its lifecycle and coinfections, chemotoxins, metallotoxins like mercury from fillings and fish, mycotoxins like mold, etc.
Health is a powerful motivator, and reward.  As important as genomics is toxicology. As important as Precision Medicine is Precision Devices, to ensure they are right for us. This is where the easy, quick wins and big payoffs for reducing chronic disease rates begins.

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