Tuesday, June 9, 2015

20 Hard Questions to FDA Science Forum on Storify

20 Hard Questions to FDA Science Forum 2015 (Click here) 

Will FDA throw medical device illness patients a lifesaver, or continue to see, hear and speak no evil of dental and medical devices that - due to genetic variability in methylation, immunity, and detoxification pathways - are not "Right for Us?" We need #RightToKnow and #WrittenInformedConsent for everything installed in our bodies. We need all installed device #UDIs in #EMRs - not just in dental records, not seen by our doctors or #BigData. 

It is time to recognize and respect #GeneticRights, and put patients' health first through #PrecisionDevices. We do not control our DNA, so we need strict controls and prior biocompatibility screening for all dental and medical device materials before they are installed. This is basic science and safety to protect children and adults as genetically unique snowflakes. 

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